The Power of Peace: Eight Ways to Discover It

By Toni Cardarella
Affirmation: My thoughts, words, and actions reveal my loving nature.

If it is up to each of us to be peace, how do we find it, amidst the chaos, real-life tragedies, predicaments, and pain in our families, neighborhoods, and world communities?

Our paths to peace are as individual as we are. Like a diet tailored to your health needs or the spiritual practices that bring you a sense of well-being, your window to peace, and its expression, is yours to discover.

Unity Arts Ministry believes the path can be through creative expression. Engaging in your creative impulses, the ministry says, can lead you to your deepest nature and truest self. Free your imagination and let your peace express itself, from writing a poem or beading a colorful bracelet to painting a landscape or making pottery. Or just grab some markers and enjoy a coloring book.

Here are other ways to explore and live the peace that is yours to bring to the world:
Pray: Find your inner spirit of harmony with prayer. Whether privately or aloud with others, express your sacred value for peace in the world through words of prayer. Join a community prayer vigil for peace, a prayer event at a center, church, or temple, or connect with Silent Unity®. Pause: Take a few moments each day—in the morning, at lunch, or before bed—to pause. Write or speak gratitude, or take a minute to enjoy the peace of a simple moment, like petting your cat or dog. Radiate: Let peace radiate in your easygoing tone with others. Allow your infinite peace to show in your facial expressions and actions. Speak with a voice that resonates with kindness and encouragement. Your spirit of peace will be felt around you. Meditate: Visualize your peaceful heart as you let go of all that surrounds you. Experience your sense of tranquility in the quietness, or experience your peace in a guided meditation. Try a meditation video. Movement: Awaken your peace by moving around in the spaces you occupy and enjoy. Feel peace flow as you walk on a nature trail or sway in dance across your living room. Do a yoga pose or a headto- toe stretch, and activate your spirit of peace. Give: A helping hand, emotional support, or just your sense of optimism—give to others as often as you can. Just like love and kindness, giving freely and willingly will deliver peace to your heart. Affirmations: Affirm the power of peace. Remind yourself that you are in the peace of Spirit. Speak with zeal and Truth. Embrace your peace with daily affirmations such as I AM peace, or Peace flows through me to the world. (More peace affirmations can be found here.) Music: Whether listening to or creating it, music can open your heart to peace. Let it lift your peaceful spirit. Get out your instrument, sing, or just sit and let the music soothe your soul and fill you with magical peace. (Find uplifting songs, including sheet music, at heartwindmusic. com, the online music library for Unity Worldwide Ministries.) Know that you are the power of peace, even in the midst of chaos. Discover your calming spirit and live your life from a peace-centered consciousness. Let your peace prevail to create harmony in the world.

Obituary - James L. Hawkins

James Louis Hawkins was born June 27,1922 in Halifax, Virginia and was raised in Harlem, New York. He served in the United States Army in World War II and began his first civilian career at the New York City Transit Authority where he met his soulmate and cherished wife of 66 years Ismay Matthew. From this blessed union they began a family and moved to Deer Park, Long Island. Always hard working and proud to provide for his family he began his second career at State University at Farmingdale simultaneously. After retiring from both jobs he and his wife built a second home in St. Kitts, WI for their family and friends to enjoy. He became a member of Transfiguration after relocating to Freeport to live with his caring, oldest daughter Darleyne and son in law Douglas Mayers. Preceded by his beloved wife Ismay, and brother Henry, he leaves behind to mourn daughters: Darleyne, and son in law Douglas, JoAnne and son in law Kevin, son James and daughter in law Norma, grandson Lester and wife Khadija, grandson Mark and wife Charrisse, grandsons James and Jason, granddaughters Jasmyn and Justine, great grandchildren Jamiela, Nathanael, Emmanuel, Fallou sisters in law Carol and Sylvia, and a host of nieces, nephews, relatives, friends and loved ones. He lived a full and rich life!

Funeral Details are as follows:
Homegoing Service Friday 12/1/17
Viewing 6:00 PM to 7:25 PM followed by the Celebration of Life Service
Church of the Transfiguration, 81 South Long Beach Avenue, Freeport, NY 11520
Interment Saturday 12/2/17 Greenfield Cemetery 10:00 AM

Soul Vibrations Corner


ARIES -March 21- April 20

Don’t be too quick to judge others. You may have invalid information that will cause you to make the wrong choices. Romantic connections can be made if you approach someone who interests you. Doors will open professionally if you send out your resume and go for interviews. Don’t allow children or entertainment to cost too much or you’ll have financial problems. Self-improvement projects are your best outlet. You need an outlet. You’ll be sensitive to the comments made by loved ones. Try not to jump to conclusions. You’ll be so wrapped up in your own problems that you are likely to take loved ones for granted. LUCKY NUMBERS: 11,12,19,23,31,41

TAURUS - April 21- May 20

Friendships could develop into serious partnerships. You must act quickly if you want to meet your deadlines. Don’t hesitate to ask others for favors owed. You have more allies than you think. Don’t let boredom stand in the way of doing a good job. Put some flair back into your work or move onto greater challenges. Attend motivational seminars that will help you to reach your potential. Don’t be angry with those who don’t show the same excitement regarding your projects. Emotional upset is likely, curb your reactions to situations regarding home and family. Delays due to transportation difficulties may cause a snag in your plans. LUCKY NUMBERS: 24,27,30,34,38,48

GEMINI - May 22- June 21

Someone is likely to misinterpret you if you aren’t perfectly clear about your intentions. Spend time pampering yourself and you’ll be glad you did. Don’t reveal secret information about others. Co-workers won’t be willing to cooperate with you, and you’ll have to accomplish projects on your own. Romantic connections could lead to a serious and prosperous arrangement. Mingle with intellectual people to meet the type of companions who will satisfy your needs. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you. LUCKY NUMBERS: 2,5,15,35,36,47

CANCER - June 22 -July 23

Don’t give up just because you face opposition, turn on your charm and push ahead. You’ll be indecisive, your romantic partner will be confused by your actions. Take the initiative and go after your goals. Business ventures can earn you extra cash. You’ll have to be careful that you don’t make rash decisions you’ll regret later. Don’t promise your mate that you’ll do something for him or her unless you have full intentions of following through. Colleagues will sidetrack you if you get involved in a dispute. LUCKY NUMBERS: 4,9,19,30,36,40

LEO - July 24- Aog 22

Avoid peers who want to get you involved in their personal problem. You may want to help them, however you may get blamed for the outcome. You will learn more if you listen. Someone you know well will reveal information pertinent to your professional future. New friendships will develop through activities that include large groups. Move quickly if you see an opportunity to advance. Your timing must be impeccable. Don’t hesitate to take that business trip you’ve been thinking about. The time to make deals is now. LUCKY NUMBERS: 12,16,18,22,23,29

VIRGO -Aug 23- Sept 22

Use your energy in a constructive manner. The work you do around your home will be rewarding. Check out activities that offer a physical challenge. Now you’re ready to entertain. You must learn not to force your opinions on others. Participating in a challenging physical activity will help ease your tension and stress. You will be looking for a good fight if things don’t go your way. Remember that you can’t make decisions for other people even if you did pay their way. You can’t buy love or friendship. LUCKY NUMBERS: 20,21,28,35,36,46

LIBRA - Sept 23 - Oct 22

Check out some of the courses offered in your community. You need to start learning new skills if you want to keep up with the never-ending technological changes at work. Don’t become involved in dubious financial schemes. Extravagance could be your downfall. Excessiveness will result in minor illness. You need to put some time aside for rest and relaxation. Don’t sign anything unless you understand the repercussions. It is best to hold tight and observe what everyone else is doing. You can gain some insight if you talk to those with more experience. LUCKY NUMBERS: 2,22,32,39,45,47

SCORPIO -Oct 23 - Nov 22

Outdoor activities will be invigorating. Take care of your family responsibilities first or include the ones you love in the events you attend. Don’t overspend on those unworthy of your generosity. You may want to look into the nature of an organization before you donate or join it. Your partner will not put up with your possessiveness. Expect to get into a heated discussion. Don’t try to change loved ones. Self-improvement should be your goal. Sudden romantic infatuations may send you for a loop. You must take your time if you wish things to work in your favor. Be honest and direct and don’t be afraid to ask the necessary questions. LUCKY NUMBERS: 31,33,38,44,45,49

SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23- Dec 22

You’ll be able to make money if you investment in yourself. Your lover may not be sure of your intentions. Be discriminating when discussing work. You won’t be able to trust some of your colleagues or clients. Keep your ideas to yourself for the time being. Find out all you can about your present position and the changes going on around you. Work hard to complete projects that might make a real difference to your professional future. LUCKY NUMBERS: 17,19,20,30,32,42

CAPRICORN - Dec 23 - Jan 20

Take things in stride. You are best to busy yourself with personal projects. You should be thinking about a career move. Someone you work for is probably trying to hold you back. Protect your reputation and prepare yourself for unexpected changes. It’s time to take a serious look at getting into shape before summer hits and you have to shed some of those layers of clothing you’ve been hiding under. Get busy talking to those individuals who can offer you mental stimulation. You will be in a competitive mood, and any debate that comes your way will be welcomed. LUCKY NUMBERS: 2,3,13,22,34,44

AQUARIUS - Jan 21 - Feb 19

Don’t blame others for your own mistakes or unhappiness. New acquaintances will show interest in you if you are happy and positive about yourself. You need to make some personal changes in your life. Don’t be depressed. You need to concentrate on your creative projects and not worry so much about what other people are saying or doing. Put your heart and soul into things you enjoy. You don’t need to overspend to impress others. LUCKY NUMBERS: 19,21,26,35,39,47

PISCES - Feb 20 - March 20

If you can combine some work with pleasure, you will gain respect and help from those in a position to help you get ahead. If you made a promise to your family, you must not renege. Put everything else on hold. Emotional problems with family members will be disheartening. You must listen rather than offer your opinions. Visit with friends who may be able to shed some light on your situation. Don’t bend to other people’s whims. Make the necessary changes. You may get a negative response from your family. If they can’t come up with a better solution, continue with your plans. LUCKY NUMBERS: 4,5,10,30,36,40