Hundreds of Young Men Engaged, Educated & Empowered by Mentors & Exceeded Expectations at AIMHigh Male Empowerment Symposium & College Fair

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Hundreds of Young Men Engaged, Educated and Empowered by Mentors to Exceeded Expectations at the

AIMHigh Male Empowerment Symposium and College Fair

Bronx NY – April 6th, Over 650 Male students, mentors, scholars, career professionals and college administrators from all across New York City gathered at the Dreiser Loop Auditorium in the Bronx to participate in a conference geared toward inspiring young boys to overcome obstacles, make positive decisions and become productive members of society. 

At the annual AIMHigh Male Empowerment Symposium and College Fair, young men gained access to positive role models as well as exposure to collegiate, vocational and internship opportunities. Students from across New York City, predominantly from the Bronx, connected with stellar examples of successful individuals who have made significant accomplishments in their respective fields. Through these positive mentoring relationships and a Keynote presentation the students learned about college and career options. Upon completion of the round table discussions the event culminated in a college and career fair with over 20 vendors in attendance. 

“While others keep on talking about the crisis of our young men, we choose to focus on the promise. Today these young men get to meet with successful men, many of whom come from the same neighborhoods as them, said Sherman Browne, Chief Empowerment Officer of the AIMHigh Empowerment Institute and Keynote speaker for the event. “It doesn’t matter where they come from, or what they’ve been through geography doesn’t determine biography. Our young men will write a new story for their life. 

Mentors included, Doctors, Lawyers, Police Officers, Entrepreneurs, Entertainers, Fire Fighters, Assistant District Attorneys, and Military veterans etc. all who participated voluntarily. Admission representatives from several colleges were also in attendance giving the young men exposure and access to apply on the spot. 

Organizers of the event expressed their disappointment with having to turn schools away because of lack of space, but intend on making it bigger and better for next year.

AIMHigh provides rites of passage programming for cohorts of young men to improve academic, personal, professional and social outcomes. The goal is to dismantle the “School to Prison Pipeline” while establishing a new “School to Prominence model.”