Black History Month Program at The Peninsula Public Library in Lawrence, NY

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The photos were taken at a Black History Month Program which honored
the late Jeff Burns, Sr. and Mr. Charles P. Ashby. They were both
neighbors who lived in Inwood, NY (part of The Five Towns). Both Jeff Burns
and Mr. Ashby were Sergeants in the all Black 761st US Army Tank Unit.
The late great  Lt. Jackie Robinson of baseball fame served in the unit with
them during basic training (but did not go overseas with the unit). They were awarded 
The Presidential Unit Citation, one of the highest honors that a combat unit can
receive for heroism, by President Jimmy Carter in 1978. 
As honorees for Black History Month and these men have more books on them than
any other military unit, Support is being sought to cover their legacy.
Photos from Peninsula Public Library tribute to Mr. Charles P. Ashby, SGT. / Mr. Jeff Burns, Sr., SGT.
WWII 761st Army Tank Unit - US Presidential Citation Honorees by President Jimmy Carter.