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By Dr. Karl B. Rodney, Publisher, NY Carib News

The Book – Change of Fortune by Vincent HoSang is one of profound admiration and stirring inspiration. It is the story of how determination, persistence, and a deep dream can lead to success, in spite of obstacles of poverty, family tragedies , racism and downright trickery.

Dr. Vincent HoSang is a well-known successful Jamaican Business man, President and CEO of Caribbean Food Delights, one of the largest global producers of Jamaican style patties. The book traces his journey from a rural area of Springfield, St. James, Jamaica to New York City, and how, through faith and hard work, he built his American Dream. Today, Dr. HoSang is a multi-millionaire with a business model grounded in honesty to his customers are fair treatment of his employees.

Dr. HoSang’s philosophy and life are grounded in his philanthropy motto of giving back to his community and their institutions. I recall the occasions in 2002 when the late Professor Rex Nettleford and myself visited with Dr. HoSang at his plant in Tappan, New York, an impressive operation that is well described in the book. After the tour, we sat with “Vinnie” as he is affectionately known to discuss how we could engage his support for the University of the West Indies. It did not take much convincing; he had one condition, that it must be business related. Out of that meeting came the Vincent HoSang UWI Venture Competition (UWIVC) of the Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM). The project was generously funded by Dr. Hosang and is still going strong today, producing young entrepreneurs and future business persons. This example is in the book, and reflects the character and generosity of the man.

Dr. HoSang and his family have supported medical missions and provided a mobile medical vehicle to travel all through Jamaica providing Health care. Additionally donated modern medical equipment to hospitals in Jamaica.

Dr. HoSang and his family have been a consistent supporter of the Team Jamaica Bickle, a program to host and feed Jamaican athletes at the annual Penn Relays. The family supports consistently the annual Caribbean Multi-National Business Conference, connecting Caribbean and US Businesses interests. The book is filled with examples and testimonials of Dr. HoSang’s generosity in so many ways.

In the book, he talks about “It is in the giving that we receive. When you look back on your life and path to success, acknowledge those who helped you along the way. Once you’re in a position to do so, honor their kindness by paying it forward”, a lesson he and his family so aptly demonstrate.

The book celebrates the success of Dr. HoSang and his family with testimonials of citizens telling of their own positive experiences with the HoSangs. It provides an intimate and varied account of the amazing human being and how he touched their lives.

The book also has interesting testimonials from the HoSang family members and unique perspectives of their journey. The discipline, the family love, the trials, the tragedies and the glory, all providing marked lessons, instructive for life’s journey that we can all benefit from.

The book of Dr. HoSang’s life journey is an inspiration to young entrepreneurs, particularly immigrant entrepreneurs. It has lifelong messages and examples of the path to success, and provides guidance as to how to use the success with true grace.

The book is well written, a page-turner that grabs your attention and keeps you focused on a fascinating story. It provides an insight into life of the Chinese community in Jamaica, their business approach and family loyalty, and the basis for their entrepreneurial success.

It leads you through an immigrant’s life in New York, the struggle and the challenges, but how grit and determination can lead to success. It re-enforces the value of family and what working together can achieve.

The strength of his wife Jeanette comes through, providing a strong partner for Vinnie, engaged in key decisions, keeping the family together -

something to admire and emulate.

It also offers continuity, the next generation of HoSangs and walking in the footsteps of Vincent. Sabrina, Damian and Simone who made their contribution to the book, a testimonial of their own admiration of their father, the preparation they received, and their commitment to carry on the HoSang legacy.

For those of us who have worked with the HoSangs over the years, it was enlightening to get the details of their journey and their success. However, the quality of life they lived and their philosophy of generosity was no surprise, because so many of us have witnessed and benefitted by their action and commitment to the community.

Through the years, with humility, grace, sensitivity and kindness, the HoSangs have made an indelible impact on this community. When CARIB NEWS was asked by the Asian-American Business Development Association to nominate someone for their prestigious Annual Gala Awards, the logical selection was Dr. Vincent HoSang. We are so delighted that Sabrina HoSang was subsequently also honored by this outstanding group. We did not know the whole story at that time as was revealed in the book, but we knew and experienced their great work that should be recognized and be honored.

This is a story that is instructive and inspiring for the entire community and beyond, the biblical story of Loving and Caring for your Neighbor.

Please go read this book. 

A well-known quote from the former beloved Mayor of New York City is “Small Dreams Stay At Home, Big Dreams Come to New York”.

Dr. Vincent HoSang is a Big Dreamer who has made and continues to make a lasting mark on society.


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