22nd Annual Caribbean Multi-National Business Conference

Historically, the Annual Caribbean Multi-National Business Conference has been instrumental in encouraging investment, cross-border trade, and business partnerships. The role played by executives of major corporations, medium- and small-sized businesses and entrepreneurs deepens the connections with key government officials. These features define our Conference as dynamic and world-class.

The Conference creates a platform to facilitate cross-border investment, stimulate trade, enable policy engagement, as well as accelerate business-to-business networking between the emerging markets, the economic power of the US, and the quickly growing economies of the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa.

The Conference brings together business executives, thought leaders, elected officials, civic leaders and VIPs – the best minds in the African Diaspora, to exchange ideas, insights, experiences, and solutions that are necessary in addressing the challenges of today, and to create a shared and inclusive future.

The Conference establishes a platform for companies seeking to sharpen their international competitiveness to leverage untapped opportunities for expansion and growth, recognizing its tactical importance in the era of globalization.

Impact and Value
Now, with the increased emphasis on global thinking, the value of the Conference is becoming more critical. The trending demographics, trade, technology, geopolitics, and the evolving overseas financial markets are ripe for new business ventures through the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa.

The Conference provides new possibilities in the ripe terrain-

  • Make successful investments that create real return
  • Develop new markets
  • Build successful joint ventures
  • Make smart connections
  • Build consumer awareness
  • Develop working alliances
  • Reach definite target markets
  • Generating over US$10 billion in investment

The Conference examines approaches to tap alternative investment opportunities to generate new markets, to sustain and expand enterprise growth, and to explore strategic investment opportunities, lucrative trade initiatives with significant growth and profit potential. The issues explored are relevant to the strategic foreign and economic policy of the United States. We expect elected and Administration officials from the U.S. to participate.

The Caribbean, Latin America and Africa benefit in these distinct areas. Policy issues impacting the macro elements of the country are examined by elected officials, members of the U.S. Administration, thought leaders and local experts. These issues are raised for exposure and action.

At the micro level of business-to-business, the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa are viewed for opportunities for investment, partnership export possibilities, and collaboration with major corporations and experienced business persons.

The third area is that of tourism and information sharing. The host country is widely exposed through the delegates and the media. The country has an opportunity to shine at its best for the occasion. Many of the delegates head organizations and companies that will potentially host future meetings or conferences in the host country.

Speaker and Delegate Profile
Attending the Conference are over 300 high-profile speakers, decision-makers, educated affluent and influential individuals ready to do business. Heads of State, ministers of government, elected officials and business leaders address the current and emerging economic development issues and make connections.

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