Pastor Johnny McGowan

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Pastor Johnny McGowan

Johnny McGowan has been a member of Lakewood Church since his youth.  Oftentimes he is described as a childhood friend of Senior Pastor of Lakewood Church, Pastor Joel Osteen.  He was “raised in church” by the influence of his parents.  In 1988, he joined the staff of Lakewood Church, working in the Television Ministry as an Associate Producer for the syndicated Lakewood television program, seen nationally and in more than 100 countries around the world. In 1994 Johnny had the honor of being ordained by the Late Pastor John Osteen and served as his personal armor-bearer, and transitioned over to serve in that same capacity to his son, Pastor Joel Osteen.

As a Pastor to Pastors, Johnny McGowan serves at Lakewood Church under the distinguished leadership of Pastor Joel Osteen, where his responsibilities include ministering to other pastors locally, nationally, as well as internationally. Pastor McGowan is a man of Godly words who considers his esteemed role an honor.  “A Senior Pastor’s position could be a lonely one” he said, and is humbled by his duty to receive and share different perspectives of God’s Word with spiritual leaders.  He remains grounded understanding that God has blessed him to hold that position. He describes Sunday as “Super Bowl Sunday” recognizing the preparation, rehearsals and alignments necessary for a successful Sunday service that sets the spiritual tone for all those who receive the message and apply it to win in life. There are no closed doors; only open admission to God’s Word delivered with certainty that leads to victorious living.

Johnny has traveled throughout the country and internationally for over a decade sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, teaching strategic leadership principles that help elevate individual and substantial church growth.  In addition to his practical wisdom, he has been a part of a successful cutting edge television ministry at Lakewood Church for over 25 years.  He finds the greatest value in representing God in whatever role he plays, including being a vessel ready to receive a deposit of a “spiritual download” to work for God in the lives of others.

As a father, Johnny comments on the subtle changes he has observed in parenting and role-modeling of families from earlier years. “My own parents raised my siblings and myself with values that have made us who we are today. Dad always shared such great wisdom with me that I pass on to my own children. There is a saying, “That it takes a village to raise a child”. That village consisted of parents, grandparents, family members, neighbors and teachers. That has changed. Now many influences of today’s world to include peer pressure, pop culture, social media and television have unfortunately replaced the role of parenting and dulled the senses to a healthy family structure and values; thus polluting the hearts and minds of our children causing many to have little to no hope.”

“It is important to set the foundation at an early age to protect our children.  What’s cute is not cute if it’s wrong” he shared, and added that fathers ought to set the tone with healthy protective boundaries in their home.  His greatest mission is to have his five children become successful men and women of God, to do and achieve doubly what he has. 

Pastor McGowan’s advice to men who want to join the ministry is to make their focus service to God; to befriend people known of great character and integrity who they admire and respect, and to draw from the wisdom they possess by listening to the words shared from their life’s experiences and journeys. Johnny attributes his greatest life successes to listening to the rich words Pastor John Osteen shared of their life and to humbly serving Him in ministry. “I believe you become a true reflection of whom you love and serve”, he remarked.


His greatest desire is to see people’s lives transformed by the Word of God; souls saved, healed, delivered, and propelled into their God-given destiny.  He has been blessed with an anointing to make the Word simple and relevant to the challenges of daily life.

Johnny’s integrity and dedication is a reflection of his family life. He and his wife Donna and their five children, reside in Houston, Texas. 




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Hi Pastor Johnny you are a blessing in Lakewood Church it's always nice to see you at Church I am an Usher there

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I'm so proud of you cousin! You have an amazing legacy you've established. Love you

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