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The West Indian-American Day Carnival Association’s 50th Anniversary Carnival celebration came off incident free. The heavy security and examination of bags process, though a nuisance to some in slowing the process, did not kill the spirit. The event celebrates the culture from a variety of Caribbean nations, and the music, the dancing and the food all came together in great weather for a wonderful time.

This year’s Grand Marshall, Mr. George Hulse, Vice President of Healthfirst and Assemblyman Hon. Nick Perry, Leader Pro Tempore of the New York Assembly were cheered along the route by hundreds of thousands. Both were well deserved choices for the Special 50th Anniversary of the Caribbean Carnival on Eastern Parkway.

Amidst the costumes and the pageantry were the politicians. Governor Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio, Congress members Yvette Clarke, Hakeem Jefferies, DA candidate Eric Gonzalez, Public Advocate Letitia James, to name a few. The presence of all these politicians is an indication of the growing importance and influence of the Caribbean American Community in New York.

Revelers, dressed in elaborate and colorful costumes filled Eastern Parkway, and the craft and food vendors set up along Eastern Parkway seemed to be doing quite well as the foot traffic flowed. It is estimated that one million people attended this year’s carnival, with very little violence. Police reports indicate that one person was shot and another stabbed; both were not seriously injured and are expected to recover.

Mr. William “Bill” Howard, President of WIADCA said he was pleased with the orderly outcome of carnival. Mr. Hulse said it was a singular honor to be selected Grand Marshall and Assemblyman Nick Perry said this meant so much to him that he interrupted a family vacation. Everyone was out for a great day.