Haiti Prisoners Threaten To Burn Down building

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (CMC) | Prisoners at the Commissariat of Petit- Goâve jail, south west of here, Friday threatened to set fire to the building if the authorities do not adequately deal with overcrowding and a shortage of food at the penal institution.

The building, which is supposed to house 60 prisoners, now has a population of 224 and the angry prisoners speaking on Radio Préférence here said they are worried about sanitation conditions as well.

“We are hungry, this morning we were given something of poor quality that we refused to eat,” one detainee told the radio station with others warning “if we are not given food, we will set fire.” The police have stepped up surveillance but the detainees have described the holding cells as inhuman, with some prisoners seriously ill and need to be hospitalised.

They also fear that some of the prisoners carry various diseases including the HIV/ AIDS virus.