Chile Conservative Piñera elected president

A conservative billionaire and former president, Sebastián Piñera, has won Chile’s presidential election run-off. Left-winger Alejandro Guillier conceded and congratulated his opponent on his win and his return to the presidency after a four-year gap. With nearly all votes counted, Mr Piñera polled more than 54%.

It is a clear move to the right for the country, which is currently led by socialist President Michelle Bachelet. She had backed Mr Guillier.

About 14 million were eligible to vote in the ballot, including, for the first time, Chileans living abroad.

However, voter turnout was low, at 48.5%. It had been thought that a high turnout would favour Mr Guillier. after his victory:

“Chile needs agreements more than confrontations,” he said. “The paths of the future unite us. Sometimes the stories of the past separate us.”

Reaching out to his opponent, Mr Piñera added: “I want to talk to him about the points we agree about.”